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Select Air Services perfect the indoor environment by providing energy efficient ventilation, and interior building solutions, from conception stage to operation. Some of the benefits of indoor climate control are:

  • A more pleasant and comfortable environment
  • Energy Savings and lower maintenance costs
  • The desired indoor environment
  • An environmentally efficient building

Our design team and internal/external installation engineers have more than 30 years experience in this field providing a high standard of work with a minimum disruption to your operation.

We offer a diverse range of products and systems ranging from simple air purifiers suitable for dealing with everyday internal filtration requirements, to the design and installation of specialist turnkey systems. All installations are carried out to current industry standards.

On the successful completion of the installation, Select Air Services will advise you on a cost effective preventative maintenance programme to ensure the system provides maximum efficiency for the future. 


Select Air Services’ clients include hotel chains, office buildings, retail outlets, industrial plants, and hospitals as well as facility management companies and leading contractors both in new and existing buildings.

Products and Services include:

  • Air Handling units
  • Ductwork
  • Heat recovery
  • Humidity control

Project examples for Ventilation

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